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Born in 1959 in Ordu / Fatsa. Educated Primary and secondary school in Izmir.

1976-1982 Graduated as master degree from Graphic Arts branch of İDGSA in İstanbul. He gained experience working in the Milliyet Newspaper Graphic Service since the early years of his schooling and then worked in some Graphic Studios.

As ARMA advertisement agency he founded in 1981, he serviced in graphic design and public relations in Istanbul for many years.

Since 1996 he has been working as Advertising and Public Relations Director in different companies, but he has always continued to design as freelance.

For 2 years Taksim Pera Fine Arts School Department of Communication Department and Graphic Design, Photoshop and Freehand co-teaching, wrote lesson notes.

GMK Turkish Graphic Artists-1989 took place in the book, many exhibitions and competitions participated.

In 1983 he received a mention in the SporToto poster competition.

Hakan Sarıhan who lived in Çorlu for the last 10 years gave importance to his painting works during this period. He is currently working in acrylic, mixed technique and digital in his Home Studio.

He is among the founders of BİRGRUPİNSAN Art Platform, which organizes, designs and promotes of the exhibitions.

He is a member of Çorlu Culture and Art Association.

Some examples of his works can be viewed at


Paintings Exhibitions:

15 -31 December 2016 “NEW SPACE'16” Mixed Exhibition / Gallery Soyut -Ankara

February 25-March 16, 2016 “PAPER WORKS / MEN'S” Group Exhibition / Pusula Art House-Harbiye / İstanbul

28 October-6 November 2017 “CUMHURIYET DISTINGUISHED” Group Exhibition / İlkezgi Art House-Sultanahmet / İstanbul

25 November-14 December 2017 “BİRGRUPİNSAN-1” Group Exhibition / Pusula Art House-Harbiye / İstanbul

15- 31 December 2017 “NEW SPACE'17” Group Exhibition / Gallery Soyut - Ankara

22 December 2017-3 January 2018 "AYAKLAR ÜŞÜMESİN" SSP / Gallery Bohem-Nişantaşı / Istanbul

19-30 March 2018 “BİRGRUPİNSAN-ADANA” Group Exhibition / 75th Year Art Gallery-Seyhan / Adana

08-13 April 2018 “ÇKSD, ATELIERS D'SEN AND A&B” Mixed Exhibition / Historical Municipal Building-Corlu / Tekirdağ

14-20 April 2018 “BİRGRUPİNSAN-ÇORLU” Group Exhibition / Historical Municipal Building-Çorlu / Tekirdağ

06 May-08 2018 June “BİRGRUPİNSAN-MODA” Group Exhibition / Gallery Pasaj /Moda-Istanbul

02-09 June 2018 “HS & YS SOLO EXHIBITIONS” / ÇKSD, Nazmi Şenel Art Gallery -Çorlu / Tekirdağ

05-23 November 2018 “LES UNS ET LES AUTRES” Mix Exhibition / Da Vinci Art Gallery /Paris /France

14 -31 December 2018 “NEW SPACE'18” Mixed Exhibition / Gallery Soyut –Ankara

03-23 December 2018 “BİRGRUPİNSAN-GRANDEXHIBITIONFORTHEFIRSTYEAR” Group Exhibition / TSKM /Maltepe/İstanbul

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