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Contemporary  Photographer

Çağdaş Fotoğraf Sanatçısı

Bülent ÜNSAL

Born in Istanbul 1955 as the son of a animation artist mother and a film director and advertising agency owner father. Those years influenced him to follow the path of a creativity.


Over 40 years of professional experience as a creative director and photographer, producing creative for the fashion, advertising, entertainment, technology and financial sectors.


Besides his Professional business activities he is working on fine art photography and contemporary design.


Marmara University Istanbul-Turkey

Faculty of Fine Arts / Department of Graphic Design   Graduate with honor 1976

Marmara University Istanbul-Turkey

Postgraduate  Faculty of Fine Arts / Department of Photography   ( Major: Advertising  Photography) 1978



Based in San Diego, CA

AdmCW Creative Workshop – San Diego, CA        2013 - Present

Owner / Creative Director


Teaching Experience

Okan University Istanbul 

Faculty of Fine Arts

Department of Photography:  Advertising Photography

                                                            Digital Photography

                                                            Studio Photography


Department of Fashion Design: Fashion Photography


Department of Visual Arts: Advertising Graphics

                                                      Advertising Photography

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